Organic Mushroom Gourmet,

we firmly believe that mushrooms are more than just a flavorful and nutritious addition to any meal – they represent the shared power of human creativity. Our mission is to provide creative Las Vegas chefs with the highest quality USDA Organic mushrooms to help them explore new culinary heights, crafting dishes that will bring joy to their customers through flavor and innovation. We take great pride in upholding a legacy of passionate pursuit for flavor, freshness, and trustworthiness.

Our years of experience in the mushroom business have taught us one thing: no two mushrooms are the same.

Even our specialty mushroom strains, with all their similiarities, differ in the specific tastes and properties they bring to food. From Conifer Coral, which gives dishes a nutty flavor, all the way to King Blue Oyster, which has an intense mushroomy taste, each strain of mushroom brings something unique to the culinary experience. As we continue on this gastronomic journey of discovery through these wonderful edible fungi, we can’t help but marvel at how abundant and diverse nature is.

At Organic Mushroom Gourmet, we understand that the mushrooms that grow in nature are beyond our perception.

We are grateful to have the ability to study them and bring them forth with their diverse range of colors, shapes, and textures. With over 20 years of combined experience in the mushroom business, we offer these amazing varieties: Conifer Coral, Bears Head, Dyson Sphere, Fractal, Saber Tooth, Lion’s Pride, Lion’s Mane, Lion’s Beard, Comb Tooth, King Blue Oyster, Pathfinder, Elm Z., Golden Oyster, Venetian and Wood Ear as well as Pink Oyster. All of which serve as a reminder of what is possible when seemingly ordinary elements come together to create something extraordinary

At OMG, we understand how precious a gift nature can be.

That’s why we treat the mushrooms we grow with tender love and care, cultivating them in a way that will produce healthy, delicious, and quality mushrooms for everyone to enjoy. Our methods are sustainable and efficient, always ensuring that your needs as a wholesale distributor or restaurant are met with exactly the right type of mushroom. With OMG, you can trust us to bring something special to the table!

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