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505 Cousumers Road, Toronto,
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About us

Around 20 Employees

including sales, serving in different areas to help companies grow their business from 6 million GTA individuals by using a variety of digital methods.

Digital Methods

Which includes Google PPC and Google Display Ads, SEO landing pages, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, email marketing, local online business marketing, as well as custom-built website features such as restaurant ordering systems, running daily/weekly/monthly reports, ecommerce site with tracking, etc.

Expertise Across All Media Platforms

including: Newspaper, TV, Trade Shows, PR Events, Event/Show Marketing and Sponsorships.

Expertise In Disciplines

such as graphic design, social media campaign management, SEO ranking, professional ad copy editing, web development, professional photography, and video shooting for a range of productions from TV to movie.

Increase Sales

One of the best provider that uses the most complete major social media marketing tools to target 6 Million individuals in GTA.

The ROI Experts

We offer customized marketing strategy using most effective mixed social medias along with 10 yrs+ experience to grow your business.

Best Practices

We commit to grow your business with quality and results, we work hard to ensure you get leads. Currently service 100 + clients in GTA.

Our Services


Website built with features including online shopping or restaurant online ordering system, website traffic tracking, social media settings such as Facebook page integrations, landing page keywords, etc.

Facebook/Instagrame Marketing

Research key words in the area, selecting most-searched key words and groups of up to hundreds of key words

Youtube Marketing

Video ads promoted on YouTube with specific targeting to a selection of individuals;Written introduction with keywords and link to its own webpage

Video Production

Produce video ads, interview clips and related commercial report, with high-quality video shooting on the level of professional TV programs

Google PPC / Display Ads

Research key words in the area, selecting most-searched key words and groups of up to hundreds of key words


WeChat Marketing with a coverage of 300,000 Chinese individuals in GTA, utilizing multiple methods. Most advanced Wechat Mini App production


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505 Cousumers Road, Toronto,
ON, Canada. M2J 4A8



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