Unique Speech Techniques is a private practice that prioritizes building relationships and providing quality speech therapy services to the pediatric and adult population. We currently offer services via telehealth in multiple states and in community locations in Mansfield, TX, and surrounding areas. Telehealth services are offered in the state of TX, MS, and GA. Please contact us for more information.

Our team of experts provide evidence-based interventions uniquely tailored to individual needs considering the patient’s family and pertinent environmental factors. We cover a wide range of speech and language disorders. Areas of specialty include social communication -/pragmatic language, fluency/stuttering, articulation/speech disorders, dementia, aphasia, and dysphagia.

If you are interested in learning more about our 2022 Summer Speech & Language Camp, please contact us for more information. Registration is open and space is limited!


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Our bi-weekly speech camp is operated by a certified speech-language pathologist who partnered with an amazing occupational and physical therapist to help children who struggle with speech-language deficits in addition to social communication. We encourage a positive social enriched environment to improve self-confidence and the use of appropriate speech-language strategies in different situations. Our small-group ratio program is full of fun and engaging activities that provide an opportunity for improving articulation, fluency, social communication, language, and vocabulary development. Our occupational and physical therapists join in on select activities to provide sensory and strength training activities that are related to the week’s theme. If your child has an IEP, is considered at risk, or you believe your child could benefit from opportunities to socialize, you have landed in the right place. Campers will experience lots of unique speech and language enriched games throughout their sessions. Activities include speak & paint (no sip), art & crafts, board games, story-telling, role-play activities, open mic, sensory slam, strength training games and so much more.

We have four groups in which students will be placed based on registration information. The groups consist of the following: Big Talkers (Language), Social Butterflies (Social Communication), The Bombarding Producers (Articulation), and Smooth Operators (Fluency). Campers will explore fun and different ways to improve and maintain their overall communication skills through the implementation of our unique speech techniques.

Snacks will be provided on select days. Please send a water bottle with your camper and snacks if necessary. Campers are seen for three hours during our morning or afternoon option. The morning sessions are from 9:00 AM- 12:00 PM and the afternoon sessions are from 1:00 PM- 4:00 PM.

About Us


Patrice Thomas M.S, CCC-SLP is the founder of Unique Speech Techniques, PLLC, a private practice located in Mansfield, TX. She received her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Communication Disorders at Jackson State University in Jackson, MS. She is a board-certified Speech-Language Pathologist with over 10 years of experience. Her career has taken her around the world. She has traveled extensively locally and abroad. Patrice has practiced in multiple states as a traveling SLP and is currently licensed by the board of Mississippi, Georgia, and Texas. Patrice has worked in a variety of settings including school districts, skilled nursing facilities, dementia care units, in-home health, and hospitals. Patrice has experience treating children and adults of various ages in the areas of language (expressive, receptive, semantic & pragmatic), articulation/phonological, fluency, voice, neurocognitive (attention, memory, problem-solving, reasoning), aural rehabilitation, aphasia, adult dysphagia, and augmentative-alternative communication systems (AAC).

The birth of Unique Speech Techniques was inspired by a vision that initially started in Mansfield ISD at Summit High School in Mansfield, TX. Patrice initiated the first social club known to the district in 2018 where she was known for delivering phenomenal therapy and breakthrough strategies. The social club was specifically created to accommodate teens with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to create a safe place, build confidence, and improve the carryover of pragmatic language skills in different settings. The club was extended to students who experienced difficulty meeting friends and adjusting to high school. Patrice’s passion to serve and her understanding of unique challenges associated with speech and language impairments has shaped her determination to take therapy to another level to transform lives. She is committed to building relationships and improving the quality of life. In 2018, she was nominated and recognized as a spotlight speech-language pathologist by Supplemental Healthcare for her hard work, creativity, dedication, and passionate drive in the field of speech-language pathology. Patrice is known for her big smile, great sense of humor, and humble spirit. She is a plant mom, who enjoys spending time with her family, going on mission trips, hiking, and eating soul food.

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