The Root of Wokeism (Moral Subversion) is Heresy (Deviation) from the Nicene Creed (Classical Christian Doctrine)

A Call Back To the Nicene Creed According To the Classical Understanding

Projected Release Date: August 2023

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The current state of the world, influenced by secularism and humanism, is showing an alarming decline in stability, morality, and overall well-being.

Our institutions are being infiltrated by individuals and groups pushing the “woke agenda,” which promotes harmful and divisive ideologies such as the acceptance of promiscuity, homosexuality, gender dysphoria, the undermining of traditional family values, patriotism, faith, merit and honor as desirable norms.

Identity politics has taken over our country to the extent that it has infiltrated our criminal justice system, where critical race theory and the concept of racial equity are being prioritized over holding criminals accountable. This has led to a situation where judges and district attorneys are releasing criminals, allowing them to commit further crimes.

Schools across the country are promoting a leftist, LGBTQ+ agenda under the guise of diversity, equity, and inclusion, exposing children to controversial and age-appropriate content such as queer drag shows.

Our southern border is inadequately secured, resulting in a large number of illegal immigrants crossing over, some of whom have been accused with child molestation. Criminal cartels are also taking advantage of the situation to smuggle in fentanyl, a drug that has caused over a million deaths in the United States since 1999. The government is complicit in allowing this to happen. Instead of improving, the situation is getting worse at an alarming rate, leaving the country in a state of change that may no longer resemble the country as we know it.

My extensive study of Western history has led me to conclude that deviation from the classical Christian doctrine, or heresy, is the root cause of both political subversion and moral decline.

Many conservatives are engaged in various efforts to combat the woke movement, but it continues to persist. The reason for this is that addressing specific aspects of the movement, such as CRT or childhood indoctrination, is akin to pruning branches of a tree, while the root of the problem remains. For example, banning critical race theory would only be a temporary solution as new forms of deviation would likely emerge under different names.

To truly address the problem, it is necessary to focus on the root and make changes there, this will prevent new forms of deviation from arising. The root cause of the current societal issues is seen as the departure from classical Christian teachings such as the Nicene Creed and the spread of secularism. The division of Christianity during the Reformation lead to the rise of secularism, which was made possible by toleration of heresy, schism, and the Treaty of Westphalia, as well as the impact of Hugo Grotius’s book “The Law of War and Peace.”

To gain a deeper understanding of the Nicene Creed, I studied the works of the early Church Fathers such as Irenaeus, Polycarp, Ignatius, Justin Martyr, St. Clement of Rome, Tertullian, Origen, the Cappadocian Fathers, St. Ambrose, St. Augustine, etc. Through this research, I have gained a comprehensive understanding of the Nicene Creed from a classical perspective I would like to share with you. I believe that adhering to these traditional teachings and recognizing that deviation from them, is the root cause of political subversion and moral decay, we can effectively combat the root of the woke movement.

Projected Release Date: August 2023

Price $29.99

Put in email address to get updated when book is released.

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