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Instead of wasting weeks trying to find the right cleaners to help you get the job done, Upstraight Cleaning brings the industry’s gold-standard cleaning solutions to your fingertips, helping you increase the value of your property in no time!

We offer a wide range of expert cleaning services that range from simple touch-ups to full-on restoration for newly built and renovated properties. Our team of experts understands the benefits that a clean property has over a dust-infested one, and how we can make your property more appealing in the eyes of buyers and tenants.

Our Successful Track Record Speaks For Itself.

Over the years, we’ve helped a long list of property owners like yourself get the right cleaning help they need to stand out on the market. We’ve helped them get their properties sold quickly and for outstanding deals, all because we took the time to restore them back to their former glory.

Make Your Property More Appealing In A Matter Of Hours.

Increase the value of your property and confidently sell at a higher, more profitable price knowing that the right buyers won’t hesitate to say yes.

Portray the furniture and design choices you’ve invested in through a cleaner, shinier, and more attractive lens.

Grab people’s attention and set an unforgettable first impression in house tours and open house parties.

Ensure your future buyers/tenants have a clear view of the care and attention you’ve put into your property.

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A Landlord-Centric Approach To Cleaning Services!

We understand that each property comes with its own set of unique challenges. Some surfaces collect more dust than others, some materials and surfaces need more delicate care than others, and the list goes on and on. We take the time to study your property in order to ensure you get the right personalized cleaning services for your needs.

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Expert staff who always show up on time.

The right tools for the job regardless of its size or difficulty.

Flexible pricing to fit your budget.

Multiple packages to find the right job for you.

Unmatched attention to detail and commitment to your satisfaction.


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Our Services

Home Organization

If you’ve been too busy to put everything back in its place, who can blame you? Definitely not us. Our cleaning experts love a challenge, and we offer you the opportunity to let us help you make the most out of your living space by placing everything where it should be and optimizing your furniture, personal belongings, and more to be easily reachable without getting in the way of your flow.

Business Organization

Time is money, and if you’re tripping over boxes, stationery, and furniture in your working space, then you desperately need our help. We study each working space to figure out new ways to organize it and keep it that way for as long as possible, helping you save time and money by staying on track and keeping your workflow as productive and stress-free as possible.


One of the most exciting events in anyone’s life is moving to a new place. Whether it’s for work or you’re starting a new life somewhere, we help you make sure that your belongings get there safely, and take all the guesswork and stress of packing away from your new transition, making it as safe and enjoyable as possible!

Move In & Move out

Whether you’re the owner of the property and you’re looking to leave a powerful first impression on your new guests, or you’re moving into a new place and want it to be spotless for your new start, we’ve got you covered! Our experts know exactly how to make a property look its best for the tenants and owner alike, giving you a thorough cleaning service that leaves every surface, countertop, and piece of furniture completely spotless.

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If you’re looking to get started, our service line is available 24/7 to help you get your living space back to showroom condition. Reach out to us today to set an appointment!

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