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In recent years, companies have been facing an increasing amount of data that needs to be collected, stored, and analyzed in real-time. This data can range from machine logs, network traffic, security events, and more. In order to manage this data, many organizations rely on a log management and analysis solution such as Splunk. However, as the data volume grows, it can become more challenging to use a traditional log management solution like Splunk effectively.

Enter Vijilan. Vijilan is a cybersecurity analytics platform that provides real-time threat detection and response. it combines its solution to one of the world’s most powerful analytical and log management tools, Crowdstrike falcon LogScale. LogScale is the next generation log management and analysis solution that provides fast and efficient log analysis. Together, Vijilan and LogScale provide a powerful solution for log management and security analytics that outperforms Splunk.

Advantages of

vijilan and LogScale over splunk

The experts who staff our SOC, which operates 24/7, are responsible for four things that help ensure that not only we can detect and respond to threats, but we can be proactive in the ever changing threat landscape.


Vijilan is more cost-effective than Splunk. Vijilan's pricing model is based on the numbrr of assets your monitor and not the volume of logs, making it more affordable than Splunk's pricing, which is based on the number of users, and the amount of data indexed. Vijilan's pricing is cost-effective, as it provides a scalable solution that can grow with the needs of your organization.


Vijilan's architecture is designed for fast and efficient log management, which makes it much more suitable for large-scale log management than Splunk. its architecture is designed for high-performance log analysis, which results in faster indexing, searching, and retrieval of logs, thanks to Logscale's index free architecture.


Vijilan provides real-time threat detection, which is critical for organizations that need to detect and respond to threats as soon as possible. Splunk does not provide real-time threat detection, which makes it less suitable for organizations that require this capability.


Vijilan is designed for scalability, making it more suitable for organizations that are growing and need to manage an increasing volume of data. Splunk can become less efficient and more difficult to manage as the volume of data grows, which makes it less suitable for organizations that need to manage large volumes of data


Vijilan provide customizable dashboards that allow organizations to view the data that is most relevant to their needs. This is a significant advantage over Splunk, which provides a limited number of dashboards that may not be suitable for all organizations.

In conclusion, Vijilan provides a powerful solution for log management and security analytics that outperforms Splunk. Vijilan’s real-time threat detection, Crowdstrike’s Falcon LogScale efficient log management, and their combined cost-effectiveness make them a more suitable solution for organizations that require log management and security analytics. By choosing Vijilan, organizations can save money, improve their security posture, and be better equipped to manage their data effectively


Here are some examples of how Vijilan and LogScale combined can offer advantages over Splunk:


Vijilan and LogScale combined can offer a more cost-effective solution compared to Splunk, especially for smaller organizations that have limited budgets. The combination of Vijilan's and LogScale's cloud-based solutions can offer lower upfront costs and reduced ongoing expenses.


Vijilan and LogScale offer highly scalable solutions, making them ideal for organizations that need to process large volumes of data in real-time. Both Vijilan and LogScale are built on modern technologies, making them easy to scale up or down as the needs of the organization change.


Vijilan and LogScale offer user-friendly interfaces, making it easier for organizations to get started with log management and analysis. Both Vijilan and LogScale offer intuitive dashboards and reporting tools, which make it easier for users to quickly understand and act on log data.


The combination of Vijilan's machine learning algorithms and LogScale's fast data indexing capabilities can provide faster and more accurate analysis of log data. This can help organizations quickly identify and resolve issues before they become major problems


Vijilan and LogScale both offer APIs and integrations with other tools, making it easier for organizations to integrate log data into their existing IT infrastructures. This can help organizations get the most out of their log data by combining it with other data sources.


Vijilan and LogScale both prioritize security and offer robust security features, making them ideal for organizations that need to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of their log data.

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MSSPs can manage multiple customers and their data from a single platform, reducing the need for multiple instances and making it easier to scale as the customer base grows.


By sharing resources and infrastructure, MSSPs can operate more efficiently and reduce costs associated with managing multiple instances.


Multi-tenancy provides a more secure environment, as data is isolated and kept separate from other customers.


MSSPs can offer customers access to a shared platform, allowing for easier collaboration and communication between customers and between the MSSP and its customers


MSSPs can offer customizable solutions that meet the specific needs of each customer, while still leveraging the benefits of shared infrastructure.


Multi-tenancy enables MSSPs to provide higher quality service to customers, as they can focus on a single platform and resolve issues faster and more effectively

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