The right performance

management system for your business

Focus on your business growth

We understand the Challenges

that you face as a business owner.

Desire to measure performance but lack internal capability to develop and implement a performance management system

No real consequences for missed deadlines and employees failing to adhere to company policy

Managers and employees failing to own their responsibilities and role execution.

Lack of a methodology to set goals and deliverables across all teams and for individuals

Quality of the available skill set that is within your business budget for hiring and salary payment.

Grow your business to a market leader among similar sized businesses.

Our customised performance management system will produce results for your business.

Measured performance and individual employee contribution to business growth.

Simplified and standardised processes that will seal loopholes and cushion the business against theft from employees.

Defined roles and targets for all employees and at the business level

Compliance in workforce conduct and behaviour.

Training programs for business owners geared towards developing a strategic approach to business management as well as for employees geared towards growing desired skills.

Desired behaviour in customer service that drives client retention and customer satisfaction.

With an initial commitment of 1 year minimum period, gain a performance management system for your business that will translate into business growth. Our monthly administrative fee is subsidised for your growing business.

our pricing plans

Below is a list of our pricing plans

Number of employees


Monthly Fee (KShs)


Number of employees


Monthly Fee (KShs)


Number of employees


Monthly Fee (KShs)


Number of employees


Monthly Fee (KShs)


Number of employees


Monthly Fee (KShs)


Number of employees


Monthly Fee (KShs)


We understand growing businesses. We currently serve SMEs in different industries and sectors.

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