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If you or a loved one developed Bladder, Liver, Stomach, Esophageal or Pancreatic Cancer while taking Zantac® or another ranitidine-containing medication, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit against the drug’s manufacturers.

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Why People Are Filing

Scientific studies have shown that when ranitidine — the active ingredient in Zantac — is metabolized in the body, it produces the cancer-causing substance NDMA. Consumers are now taking legal action against several drug companies for failing to warn consumers of this chemical link on the Zantac’s labeling.

Associated Products

Ranitidine-based medications

Major Side Effects

Bladder Cancer, Liver Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Esophageal Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer

What Happens Next?

About Our Mission

We aims to provide safety-related information and resources to anyone and everyone in an easy-to-understand way. We also connect individuals with legal professionals on specific subjects so they can access the support they need.

Questions Your Zantac Lawyer May Ask

What have you been diagnosed with?

Individuals filing Zantac lawsuits have been diagnosed with cancer, typically Bladder, Liver, Stomach, Esophageal or Pancreatic Cancer by their doctor. The lawyer handling your case will want to know what you were officially diagnosed with and when.

How long did you take Zantac?

People seeking compensation for Zantac-related injuries generally had taken Zantac for at least a year before they received their cancer diagnosis. It may be hard to remember the length of time you took Zantac, but do your best to estimate this timeframe. It’s recommended that you provide your lawyer with copies of your prescription or medical records to support your claims.

How are you being treated for your cancer?

Come to your consultation prepared to discuss your cancer treatment plan with your attorney as well as whether it’s been working. Your treatment may depend on the type of cancer you have and the stage in which it was diagnosed.

Are you experiencing any other serious side effects?

While Zantac side effects are rare, you should let your attorney know if you’ve experienced issues with your central nervous system, cardiovascular side effects, gastrointestinal issues, liver failure or any other serious conditions. Let him or her know about the effect these have had on your ability to perform daily activities.

Why choose us?

Our network of experienced Zantac law firms consists of the country’s best personal injury firms. Many are recognized as a national leader in lawsuits involving drug injuries. Several of the firms in our network have been appointed to the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee, which means they are the ones that are leading the case and directly involved with taking the case across the finish line and arguing to receive the best settlement possible so that the thousands of plaintiffs get what they rightfully deserve. Our network of Zantac lawyers are the very best and if your cancer diagnosis is one that qualifies you for this claim, you will receive the compensation you deserve, and get it first! When settlement takes place, as mentioned above, many have leadership roles, and those who have leadership roles in the Zantac litigation, their clients are settled first, meaning they will get their financial award first! That is why you should ONLY choose us. Fill out the information above, today to see if you qualify.

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