10 Spiritual Sales Techniques That Will Have Prospects Closing Themselves

By Ron Bernstein, Sales Coach

What are Spiritual Selling Techniques?

Will they demand that you burn incense and listen to Yanni while trying to close a prospect on the phone?

Will you have to sit cross-legged in a lotus position for several hours a day while meditating on a special money-making mantra?

Fortunately, no.

The way I see it, the limitation with most sales trainings is their emphasis on the mechanical components of selling while ignoring the more compelling spiritual aspects of communication.

Imagine having the prospect “know” they are in the right place and time to fulfill their wishes virtually the instant you say hello and begin to engage in conversation. Half of the “work” of closing is done right there! Also, what goes out the window is any anxiety or concern you may have for getting the close.

Sounds too good? Read on for more understanding or just jump ahead to the Techniques now and have a go at it!

THE MOST COMMON INSECURITY salespeople have regarding their performance is their ability to “get the close”, understandable since without a successful close no deal ever gets done, no money earned, just a block of time forever lost in an effort to convince.

But an overemphasis on “hammering the close” is misplaced since it’s the vibes, the personal empowerment, the rapport and THE FOLLOWING SPIRITUAL STEPS leading up to that moment of magic which majorly influence success or failure to get a deal done.

It’s often said, “YOU’RE ALWAYS CLOSING”, true enough and you’ll see that manifest in “deals done” when personally empowered by a skillful utilization of the following techniques.

The aim is to concentrate on the magic of true resonance and magnetic engagement, leading to solid client relationships through honest, penetrating no BS communication. Otherwise, you’re working with nothing more than a bag of tricks and strategies of limited value.

My “spiritual” sales fundamentals TAP INTO THE TRANSFORMATIVE ASPECTS OF COMMUNICATION. You’ll discover that you can effortlessly close sales and elevate the activity of selling to something both fulfilling and pleasurable.

The techniques that I have been using for more than 30 years establish true resonance with people that heightens their comfort and connection with you which automatically translates to trust in your product or service.

IF YOU WANT TO CHECK OUT A FEW OF THE TECHNIQUES, scroll down to #1 now. Or, if you’d like to know how these techniques were developed so as to gain an increased understanding and appreciation of their value and validity, just keep reading.

Many decades ago, I was immersed in the universe of academics, specifically the complex field of pure or theoretical mathematics—a place far adrift from the day-to-day world most inhabit.

Less than a year into my graduate studies a sense of alienation from the nuts, bolts and emotions of life surpassed my initial passion for the subject.

By associating nearly exclusively with the assorted oddballs in this world of abstract perfection (mathematicians), things got kind of lonely, and I felt disconnected from the broader pulse of life.
The glow of elitism did not compensate for haunting feelings of emptiness inside me. So I took a leave of absence, went for a long walk and started to freak out.
With no marketable real-world skills, I was left scratching my head, not in the effort of solving a complex equation, but instead trying to figure out where the hell to find some work.

“Welcome to the “real world”, quite a cold splash in the face. Time now to make a living. Nothing at all abstract or theoretical about that!

Taking inventory of my abilities, I realized that the primary skill I had utilized navigating through life—other than solving calculus problems and teaching others to do the same—was about as basic as it gets… communication.

I started to realize I had a knack with communication, skills that routinely enabled me to acquire the things I wanted in life. I could influence some people, enlighten others, and one way or another it consistently enabled me to carve out a path of my own choosing.
That’s when the light bulb went off.

It occurred to me that FOR SALESPEOPLE TO SUCCEED, they needed to master these same communication skills. Even though I never even remotely identified as a salesman, and actually still don’t, apparently selling was my real world calling.

So off I went from one gig to another, with this “knack” catapulting me to the top of the sales leader board every single time. It didn’t seem to matter what knowledge I initially had about the product I was selling, what experience I had in any particular industry, I sold effectively.

My rise to the top happened pretty much overnight everywhere I went. As my story continued, I eventually started my own businesses and by utilizing my communication skills was able to enjoy a life of choice achieving most things I set out to do.

Then one day a friend of mine who had heard me work my magic on the phone asked if I would write up the successful actions I deployed to sell so effortlessly and effectively.

At first, I balked, thinking I simply had a knack. But when I backed up and took a look nothing could have been further from the truth.

There were precise tools I’d developed that were grounded in a basic understanding of life itself, and a refined use of the skills of communication that made sales happen with great ease.

Enter my mathematics training which enabled me to codify my communication gems in the form of “axioms” not unlike Euclid’s in geometry.

By “axioms” I mean foundational truths that are the bedrock of selling and are of higher value than procedures, tricks, gimmicks, or the usual mechanics normally taught to salespeople. And from that it evolved into techniques.
A grasp of these techniques will give anyone an increased ability to sell.

Interestingly, now that the preponderance of business is conducted via phone, email, zoom etc., (electronic vias putting distance between people) these skills originally developed for “distanced venues” prove even more essential.

So, here’s the list of “THE 10 BASIC AXIOMS”, or techniques as the heading suggests, for your perusal. More could be said for each, action examples given and ingenious applications for specific situations devised, all of which I do in my one-one coaching sessions with clients, but for the sake of this article, here are the bare bone gems.

You will find that just a few minutes playing around with these principles before diving in full throttle armed with features and benefits to close deals will make the activity easier and far more fruitful.

10 Spiritual Selling Techniques

1. YOU MUST FIRST BE SOLD Before you even think of contacting a prospect you must be totally sold on whatever product or service you are offering. That means not a scintilla of doubt or reservation regarding its value to the prospect, coupled with a belief that it’s truly what’s best for them relative to other offerings. You might be thinking “duh” what other way is there? Well, I can’t tell you how many salesmen glibly violate this first principle and then wonder why they’re having a hard time, straining to be believed. Like any “spiritual” endeavor it takes strong belief on your part, it must resonate with your core. That doesn’t mean that any product or service you sell needs to be perfect. It just means it must be good for the customer in some way. And it means you care enough about the customer to make sure they get it.

2. YOU’RE NOT SELLING WHAT YOU THINK YOU’RE SELLING. What is it that you are really selling? Is it the product or service being offered? No. You are selling Certainty. People are confused. They are missing information. They have conflicting information. They don’t know. The more CERTAIN you are the more they gravitate to you like moons around a planet. You must have it and exude it. But you can’t fake it. Certainty about your product and what’s best for them translates to credibility in their mind. Manifest that and they’ll hang on your every word. This can take some work because it involves clarity on more than just the product itself or your words. I coach people on coming across certain in their communication daily. It is a learning process.

3. CLOSING THE DISTANCE. Never talk to someone you don’t know as if they are a stranger. You want to assume you are best friends right from go. I call this “closing the distance.” Believe it or not you can be talking to someone on the other side of the world on a Zoom call or on the phone and still “close the distance” between you and him or her. To make sales you must close the distance. Overcoming distance can seem particularly daunting at first glance but conquering it can be easier than you may think. You simply ignore the barrier of distance. Assume a total presence. In your mind place yourself right next to the person even if you are a thousand miles away. It’s not a trick, it’s actually an ability. You might say you soulfully reach out as if the person is physically right there with you. Avoid awkward introductions that validate and solidify the distance. Just talk to them like a friend you’ve known for years. It’s easy.

On one of my very first sales jobs, it was a large room with the salesmen all being given cold leads. I overheard one guy who, call after call sounded like he knew the prospect and was “following up” with him to get a reorder. As I listened, every call of his was similar and I asked if he was in a senior position with the company and was getting existing customers rather than cold leads. The answer was “No, he’s just that good!” Big lesson learned that day, never forgotten.

So never act like you don’t know them or just met them. On some level we’re all connected. Be warm, friendly and right in the room with them.

4. WEDGE OF DIFFERENTIATION. Here comes a big one, a real make-break on whether the prospect will really be listening to what you have to say, i.e.. receiving the exact message you are attempting to get across. I call it the “Wedge of differentiation”. You must find a way past the usual mental associations that people reflexively make between whatever you are presenting to them and the last bunch of items “just like it” that incidentally they found fault or experienced disappointment with. This must be done before you delve into any details or specifics, otherwise your precise message will never be duplicated. You must insert this wedge in a friendly manner like a beautiful ax with strong intention and good timing. Context and Wording are key. The ‘talking’ ends and the selling actually begins right there. Instead of spinning your wheels, you’ll have them there with fresh ears, “in the now” actually getting your message.

I was working with a company selling all-natural weight loss cleanses to doctors to administer to patients. Knowing these doctors had been “pitched” every magic cleanse under the sun I had to come up with a differentiator to grab their ears.
With a little research of the top competitors, I discovered that their cleanses were pretty brutal to stick with and most people never made it through to the finish line.
So, I would ask them if they had worked with any of these top cleanses and how it went- I already knew and the second they’d respond I jumped in and agreed saying: “of course the results are nebulous, nobody ever gets to the end to see if it even works”. Then I proceeded to differentiate our cleanse as THE ONE that is so consumer friendly, so manageable that nobody starves on it and they all finish with rave results. They were uniformly interested and game to buy ours!

5. BE IN THE NOW. See and talk to the person who’s in front of you NOW. Be fresh and new like you’ve never shared this with anyone before and you can barely contain the enthusiasm upon breaking the news! When you can deliver a “sales pitch” to ten people in a row, making it sound fresh and new each time, you’re getting there. Recycled verbiage is not spiritual. Ever. You must be in the moment. NOW is the time, the only time, and you must be in the now so that you impinge on your prospects. I coach my clients on subtle tricks that I have used endlessly in sales situations that maintain this “freshness” and sort of parallels the dynamic of a spiritual “revelation”. It has to do with discovering anew the wonders of what you are offering. It’s better demonstrated than described. This is a totally coachable skill and worth having in the field of sales and life itself. It’s a sort of instant ‘refresh’, not of your computer but of you!

6. CAPTIVATE WITH STORY. People live for stories so tell one. It starts by asking them a question that has some emotion connected your product. Gently and with strong interest acknowledge their input then segue into a brief, heartfelt story that draws them in closer. Never lecture.
Never preach. A story will get them every time. If you can make them laugh, all the better. If you think about it every prophet, messiah, guru or spiritual leader in the world is communicated about to followers in story form. The Bible as we know it is a compilation of stories. Stories have power.

7. THE GOLD NUGGET. Find and present one relevant fact about the field you are addressing with your product or service, one simple datum they do not already know, and thereby establish leverage, context. I call this one item the gold nugget, that item that exists outside their current consciousness and serves to broaden their view.
Present it and thereby establish altitude. Then continue to ride the leverage of that position into the sunset assuming a mentoring posture all the way.

8. IT’S ABOUT THEM. It’s not about you or your product. It’s about them, their pain points, their dreams, their happiness. Address that foremost and present your product or service as the answer. What great spiritual philosophy has not centered upon such points?

9. GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD. In other words, “see” and talk to the person in front of you uninfluenced by your needs, personal pressures, distractions and so on. You are the guiding light to the resolution of their issues so stay out of your own way and lead them to the solution.

10. WINNING. As trite as this may seem, you must put out a spirit of winning, talk from a place of winning, knocking it out of the park in life and surviving well. Always best projected with some humility and humanity but unapologetic winning, nonetheless. After all, why do you think so many timeless and inspiring allegories center around triumph of the spirit? And remember they want certainty, and they want to win like you.
There is one final technique that is the underpinning of all the above that is a bit to ethereal to just put in writing and would be an essential part of any coaching, training or education on the subject of selling.

There is one final technique that is the underpinning of all the above that is a bit to ethereal to just put in writing and would be an essential part of any coaching, training or education on the subject of selling.
Ron Bernstein is a sales coach who helps salespeople, entrepreneurs, founders, and anyone wanting to improve their sales ability. Ron believes a sales coach is as necessary to a salesman’s success as a hitting coach is to a major league ball player. It’s all in the execution.
If you find yourself anxious about achieving traction, executing the close or just not quite sure where you’re missing the mark with qualified prospects feel free to reach out to Ron.

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